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Ftero DOME 2022 Foil Wing

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The 2022 DOME Foil Wing. Our re-designed, re-engineered and latest foil wing that is the older sibling to the 2021 DOME. Born in the UK, it features the same lightweight, simple and high performance characteristics that our customers loved in the previous DOME.

Our aim with the 2022 DOME foil wing was to build off of the 2021 model and really leverage all of our customer's valuable feedback to create the perfect foil wing for beginner/intermediate riders, with the perfect blend of stability and affordability. 

The first major change comes in the form of the central strut design. We have increased the circumference of this to make a more rigid frame, as well as exaggerating the curved leading edge of it slightly to facilitate easily handling of the front handle.

Secondly, all our handles have been reinforced both from a tactile perspective, but also from a structural perspective, as this was a known weakness in the 2021 model. We have also reduced the number of handles on the central strut to aid in the folding and storing of the wing.

Thirdly, we have added two separate and redesigned inflate/deflate valves for the leading edge and central strut in replacement of the connecting tube. This means that you can now inflate and deflate your DOME foil wing quicker.

The 2022 DOME foil wing rides great when powered up, without feeling overwhelming and out of control. Packing down small, the DOME is perfect for travelling riders looking for a stable, easy-to-master setup with incredible sailing potential!

It's the perfect first foil wing for any rider looking to get into this exciting sport, or an affordable upgrade for an intermediate rider that doesn't want to break the bank!




  • Redesigned and reinforced structure
  • Double valve inflate/deflate
  • Reinforced high stress areas
  • Lightweight, compact & sleek design
  • More forgiving attack profile for optimised lift, easier manoeuvring and effortless acceleration
  • Adapted centre strut comfort handles & 1 front handle for a wide variety of hand positions
  • Two medium-sized windows for enhanced visibility when riding, without compromising on weight & structural integrity
  • Fewer panels, meaning fewer points of failure


What's Included

  • FTERO DOME 2022 Foil Wing
  • Carrier backpack
  • Hand leash
  • *Hand pump not included*



Size Chart


Wind Speed

3m² 20-45 knots (23-50 mph)
4m² 14-30 knots (16-34 mph)
5m² 10-25 knots (11-28 mph)
6m² 5-15 knots (6-17 mph)


User Manual


Click here to download PDF version of the DOME User Manual



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