A wing is a handheld inflatable sail that is used to generate wind propulsion. The invention of wing surfing is dated back to 1981, when aeronautical engineer Jim Drake, the inventor of windsurfing, and Uli Stanciu, European windsurfing pioneer, invented the first wing. Their patented concept was based on the symmetrical shape of the flying fish. Unlike windsurfing, their wing was hand held and not fixed to the board via a mast.

Our wings can be used in a multitude of different ways, whether in the water, on land or in the snow. Anywhere the is wind, there is a use case for a wing. Wings have been used for a large part in the new sport known as wing foiling, however, they can be used on land with a board or rollerblades, or up a mountain with skis or a snowboard! We're constantly amazed with the creative ways people use our wings, so don't be afraid to think outside the box!

Although everyone's progress will differ, in general, wings are the easiest wind-powered sports to master and not to mention the easiest to setup/pack-up. With basic understanding of the wind, most people are able to have their first ride in as little as a few minutes!

FlySmart is our wing insurance service which has been carefully crafted to meet the current difficulties wingers face in both the damaging of their wings as well as their wings needs as their skillset evolves. With FlySmart you get premium repair support/wing replacement, as well as up to 2 wing size exchanges per year so that your wing evolves with you!


Our recommended pressure is 6PSI.


We send all our wings out using Next-Day delivery via DPD, so you can expect to receive your wing the next day, provided an order is placed before 12PM.

We operate a standard 30-day return policy with full refund provided your wing is in brand new, unused condition. Please note, at this moment we are unable to offer free returns, so the customer is liable for return cost. You can request a return by emailing the team at team@fterosurf.com