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FTERO FlySmart

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Exclusive to FTERO Wings!

Embark on a transformative wing foil journey with FTERO FlySmart! 🌊 As you evolve, so do your wing foil needs and skills, and upgrading your wing shouldn’t be a hassle or a financial burden.

🔄 Easy Upgrades! With our seamless exchange program, transition to a different wing foil size up to twice a year! Let your gear evolve as you do, eliminating the worry of cost and effort.

🛠️ 1-Year Premium Protection! Breathe easy knowing your investment is safeguarded against unforeseen accidents. Whether it’s a tear or a rip, we’ve got you covered! We’ll either repair your wing or replace it with a brand-new one, no questions asked.

🌟 Why Choose FlySmart?

  • Optimise your wing foil journey
  • Protect your investment
  • Evolve your skills with the right gear

FTERO FlySmart is the intelligent way to secure and enhance your wing foil experience. Make the smart choice; choose FlySmart and start winging with confidence!

  1. Eligibility & Accessibility: The FlySmart program (“The Program”) is exclusively applicable to FTERO Wings and is available to all customers who have purchased these specific wings. Participation in The Program is optional, and participants (“Participants”) must agree to all terms and conditions outlined herein. The Program allows eligible Participants to exchange their wings up to two times within a one-year period from the date of enrolment in The Program. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the wings returned are genuine FTERO products and are returned in acceptable condition as determined by FTERO’s sole discretion. Any attempts to return non-genuine products or products in unacceptable condition may result in exclusion from The Program and possible legal action.
  2. Protection & Replacement: The one-year premium protection offered under The Program covers accidental damages including, but not limited to, tears or rips incurred under normal usage conditions. The protection does not cover damages caused by misuse, neglect, intentional damage, or damages incurred during rental or commercial use. In the event of accidental damage, FTERO reserves the right to decide whether to repair or replace the damaged wing. Replacement wings provided will be of the same model and size, subject to availability. In cases where the same model and size are unavailable, a comparable replacement will be provided. All decisions regarding repairs and replacements will be made by FTERO at its sole discretion and are final. The repaired or replaced wings will continue to be covered under The Program until the one-year period from the original enrolment date expires.

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