A few years back, like most water sports enthusiasts, we were blown away by the emergence of foiling, and specifically wing foiling. It was taking the water sports world by storm and this was so exciting to see!

The only downside was that getting into the sport was super expensive, which made it hard for a lot of people to join in on the fun.

That's why FTERO was founded.

We decided to take matters into our own hands and create an entry-level wing that was affordable for everyone. We designed the DOME, our flagship model, in the UK with the goal of making it easy to use and accessible for all.

We're really proud of how far we've come and how many people we've been able to introduce to this amazing new sport. We're still striving to make wing foiling accessible to as many people as possible and become the go-to brand for wings.

Our ambition is to expand our product line to include boards and foils, as they also have the same high cost problem, but, for now, our focus is on getting the best wings to you at the best price possible.

Happy Surfing,