About Us

Ftero Surf Ltd is a UK-based company founded by a passion for water, wind and sports. A few years ago, alongside most other long-term water sports fans, we witnessed the art of foiling, and in particular wing foiling, come into fruition and take the water sports world by storm.

Unfortunately, the entry level cost into this new and exciting sport was far too high, meaning access to wing foiling was financially limiting to a lot of people.

That’s why we set out on a mission to create the perfect entry-level wing at a price point that made it accessible to a wider audience. Designed with functionality, ease of use and affordability in mind, the DOME was created - our flagship model.

Along the way, we have managed to introduce this new sport to more and more people without breaking the bank. 

Our aim is to bring this new sport to as many people as we can, and to become the go-to trusted brand for wings. As we grow, our plan is to introduce further product lines such as boards and foils into our portfolio, but for now, our focus is on getting the absolute best value wings into your hands!

Happy Surfing,

Team Ftero