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En FTERO, estamos comprometidos a crear alas de alta calidad que sean accesibles para todos. Creemos en todos los que experimentan la emoción de los deportes de viento y nos esforzamos por ofrecer productos que equilibren la excelencia en calidad y asequibilidad. Nuestro objetivo es fomentar la diversidad dentro de la comunidad de deportes de viento a través de nuestro compromiso con la inclusión y la accesibilidad.

Our wings


The affordable, user-friendly DOME V2 Foil Wing, designed for stability, easy learning and to carry you through the ranks.



The HAWK Foil Wing. A cutting-edge fusion of speed, stability, and structural excellence, designed to propel all to new heights in high-performance, affordable foiling.


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Toby Bloomfield

Hey! I'm Toby Bloomfield. I started sailing 10 years ago in the topper class and progressed into the Junior squad for 2 years, before moving to the 29er class, competing there for a couple of years and training with the national squad.

I briefly started training for the IQ foil class before being selected for the Kite4Gold programme, which has led me to being part of the GB youth team.

I have been wingfoiling for a year and a half now and particularly like riding waves, however, my ambition is to do some racing on the UK tour this year when not kitefoiling.

Would be wicked to see some of you guys ripping up the south coast sometime!

Toby's Instagram

Reece Dorman

Hey there! I'm Reece Dorman. I've been around the water all my life, starting in the wet sand with my skimboard and a trainer kite when I was young.

When I finally got some real equipment, I hit the water with no lessons. After getting pulled around for a bit and lots of falling off, I finally had my first board starts.

Fast forward a few years and I was racing in the GB youth team!

It didn't take me long after that to catch the winging bug... It's hard to say what my favourite thing is about it is, but I can definitely say that wave riding is up there.

Would be great to see you guys shredding around sometime!

Reece's Instagram