"Wing Foil for Sale", But What Wing Do I Buy?!

"Wing Foil for Sale", But What Wing Do I Buy?!

"Wing Foil for Sale", But What Wing Do I Buy?!

Welcome to the world of FTERO, where our passion for wing foiling is matched only by our commitment to making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

As pioneers in the industry, we understand that choosing the right wing is crucial for a fulfilling experience on the water.

It can be a daunting task, but hopefully this post helps you decide a bit easier on what wing to pick from the many many options out there.

If not, our team is also always here to help, just shoot us a message!

Understanding Rider Levels

Before delving into our product recommendations, let's define the skill levels in wing foiling:

Beginner Riders

  • Skill Level: Just starting out with limited or no experience in wing foiling.
  • Focus: Learning the basics, such as handling the wing, maintaining balance, and simple manoeuvres.
  • Needs: Stability, ease of use, and durability in equipment.

Intermediate Riders

  • Skill Level: Comfortable with the basics and starting to explore more complex manoeuvres and techniques.
  • Focus: Enhancing control, improving speed, and experimenting with different conditions.
  • Needs: A balance between stability and performance, with room for growth.

Advanced Riders

  • Skill Level: Highly skilled, with a solid grasp of complex techniques and manoeuvres.
  • Focus: Maximising performance, speed, and agility in varying conditions.
  • Needs: High-performance gear that offers precision, speed, and advanced features.

FTERO's Wing Recommendations

For Beginner-Intermediate Riders: FTERO DOME V2

The DOME V2 is our recommendation for those starting their journey or progressing to an intermediate level.

It's the ideal wing for mastering the fundamentals and growing your skills.

  • Why Choose DOME V2: Its stability, user-friendly features, and cost-accessibility make it a perfect choice for learning and gradual progression.
  • Versatility: The DOME V2 isn't just for beginners. Advanced riders can also benefit from having it as a secondary wing, especially in conditions where a more forgiving and affordable wing is advantageous.

View the FTERO DOME V2 Details Here (opens in new window)

For Intermediate-Advanced Riders: FTERO HAWK

The HAWK is designed for enthusiasts looking to push their limits.

It's an excellent choice for riders who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore advanced techniques.

  • Why Choose HAWK: With its high-performance capabilities, enhanced stability, and advanced design, the HAWK caters to the evolving needs of experienced riders.
  • Accessibility for Beginners: Beginners with a keen interest in a more performance-oriented wing can also opt for the HAWK. It's an affordable option for those wanting to transition to higher performance without the steep cost.

See the FTERO HAWK Features and Specs (opens in new window)


Choosing the right wing is about matching your skill level with the appropriate features and capabilities.

The FTERO DOME V2 offers a seamless introduction and continuous growth in the sport, while the FTERO HAWK caters to those seeking advanced performance and exhilarating experiences.

With FTERO, you're not just selecting a wing; you're choosing a partner in your journey across the waves and winds.

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